Catherine & Michael Chetelat

Catherine Chetelat, a mother of eight and mother-of-invention conceived of her most enduring invention yet. She purchased some boning material, mending tape, and fabric glue and invented the original NoRiders® Iron-on Patch.

Since 2005, NoRiders® by ProductMasters has been trademarked and patented, and remains the only known retail solution that effectively prevents shorts from riding up one’s inner thighs and bunching at the crotch area.

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NoRiders® effectively STOP shorts from riding up, STOP the discomfort that occurs when your inseams bunch in the crotch area, STOP the embarrassment with how shorts look when they creep up your thighs, STOP the annoyance of having to pull down your pant legs every time they ride up, and RESTORE your comfort, confidence, and pleasure in wearing shorts!

Catherine Chetelat (“Cas”) has earned the right to be called a true Mother of Invention. Raising eight children in a cramped row home in Baltimore, Maryland, she constantly found herself relying on creativity to manage a household of six energetic boys, two lively girls, dogs, cats, rabbits, parakeets, snakes, and the occasional chameleon. One memorable summer, she embarked on her first entrepreneurial endeavor: a snowball stand. The stand was designed to provide income during the summer months and, more importantly, to keep the children occupied (out of trouble). While never really making a dime in profit, she managed to accomplish something of far greater value: the development of an entrepreneurial spirit in her children.

On Mother’s Day of 1992, Cas conceived her most enduring idea yet. Sick and tired of the annoyance and embarrassment she experienced as her favorite shorts kept riding up her inner thighs, she set out to find a solution. Originally, she applied everything from Venetian blind slats, to plastic bottle strips to the inseam of her shorts in an effort to keep them from riding up. Though innovative, her solutions clearly lacked practicality. After a series of failed attempts, she paid a visit to the local fabric store, browsing for any raw materials she could use to solve her problem. She returned home with some boning material, mending tape, and fabric glue, with which she created the original NoRiders® Iron-on Patch.

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