“I am so grateful to have found NoRiders! It transforms shorts into what shorts should be all along. NoRiders use a simple design, are reasonably priced, and are easy to apply. No more frustration, no more embarrassment. Walking in shorts is now a pleasure.” (Lisa B.)

“I just wanted you to know, we got back from vacation and the NoRiders came. I tried them and they are great. As much as I have been sewing, like 40 some years, I was sorry I never thought of that. I just took fishing weights and safety pinned them in the inside of the shorts. It worked somewhat, but not as good as these. Thank you so much… We did our monthly food shopping and never once while walking down the aisles did my shorts ride up. I feel normal. I really am happy… Again, Thank you [for giving me] peace of mind I can walk better and more comfortable now. My hands are free!!” (Gail S.)

“I used the NoRiders and they were great! I didn’t have to keep pulling my shorts down. They were very easy to put on the inside of the shorts and the directions are very self explanatory. No more embarrassing moments walking around! I will use the NoRiders all of the time. I highly recommend this product. Thank you for helping my shorts look normal.” (Kristie L.)

“Love the NoRiders. My daughter loves them too; she has the same problem I have with my legs rubbing. In fact, I made 3 pairs of shorts for her with NoRiders in them and those are the only shorts she wanted to wear all summer! I ended up ordering more.” (Sharon C.)

“It was amazing that something so small, so easy to sew in a garment could do the trick of keeping your pant legs from riding up. Great product.” (Karlen D.)

“My mother has a problem with a favorite pair of shorts riding up. So, I took the NoRiders and ironed them into her shorts. They work perfect!!! Thank you again.” (Debby A.)

“I already have put my NoRiders in a pair of shorts and I LOVE THEM!! I will be purchasing more for I have many more pairs of shorts.” (Edna D.)

“I love this product, it helps a lot! I would recommend this to anyone who has a problem with their shorts riding up.” (Linda H.)

“I really like the NoRiders for shorts. I will definitely order some [Sew-in Stays] as well. Thank you for your product.” (Karen T.)

“I put the NoRiders iron-on patches in a pair of lightweight slacks. They work well.” (Rita E.)

“I haven’t worn shorts in years because of this problem. Just wish I had thought of it first!” (Debbie R.)

“The product is great. It’s about time someone came up with this idea.” (Retha M.)

“What a wonderful invention! Now why didn’t I think of it?” (Marilyn R.)

“I thank you for coming up with a solution for the problem a lot of full figure people have.” (Christine B.)

“Thank you! I have enjoyed your product and use them on the sport shorts I wear over my bathing suits. They work like a dream. Thank you again.” (Cindy S.)

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